WordPress Hosting

WordPress, the content management system, though, earlier recognized as a tool for bloggers, has been the leading web application for nearly all types of sites, from a small scale personal webpage to a big enterprise business website. The reason being a exponentially growing community of designers and programmers constantly working on its development. Nearly 75 million sites use WordPress, half of which approximately, are hosted on external hosts (Not of WordPress.com). The number being giant enough to fetch interest of big web hosting companies. This article highlights one of these big hosting which happens to be the biggest WordPress hosting provider.

Bluehost, a giant brand when it comes to providing a hosting plan optimized for WordPress users. Bluehost hosts a myriad number of WordPress based websites, on over 4 different hosting plans from Blogger, being the least expensive to Enterprise plan, if you plan on running a business via WordPress, prices ranging from $12.49* to $85.00* a month for the same, and you’ll read a detailed comparison between the plans ahead in this article.

I would personally recommend BlueHost, not because it is recommended officially by WordPress and are partners from 10 years now, but for its best service and robust servers.


Mainly focused on customer satisfaction, Bluehost provide a guaranteed money-back option,(unlike many other companies) if you’re unsatisfied with it’s service but I don’t think you’ll go that way cause of its top-notch customer support which is available 24/7. Along with optimizations at server level, technicians of Bluehost working under the WordPress domain are trained in the software and help you out the best way they can.


How is it WordPress optimized?

We’ve heard the phrase ‘Optimized for WordPress’ way too many times now, the big question is what’s different and new in the plan? Well, ofcourse, the optimization begins with a cPanel with powerful tools specifically for WordPress website and data management. The servers’ architecture is specially engineered to deliver you speed and security. KVM hypervisors are used which make sure your resources are not shared with anyone unwanted. Yes, it roughly means owning a private server where other users’ website won’t effect yours (unlike shared hosting), which is one of the reasons for its high prices. The latest VPS technology provided to you allows you to add more storage or any other CPU-level upgrade in a few clicks without harming your data. Regular and automated back-up systems are also a part of every hosting plan. Other tools include a MOJO marketplace which helps you find the scripts and all the WordPress plug-ins you need on the go. The new cPanel include WordPress centric controls which help managing the website easier and ManageWP, which is another strong tools which takes care of data back-up and management for multiple sites under one hosting. ManageWP also allows options to migrate one WordPress data/design to other. Security is taken care by SiteLock Security which frequently scan your website for vulnerabilities and sets up a firewall to prevent attacks along with advanced Content Delivery Network, speeding up the data delivery process with added protection.





Plans And Pricing

As mentioned above, there are 4 hosting plans namely, Blogger, Professional, Business and Enterprise. All these plans come with a First month 50% discount and standard prices from the second. Other features which are included in all the package are 1 dedicated IP address for your website, full-time support, money-back guarantee and the enhanced cPanel loaded with tools I’ve mentioned earlier.
The server you are provided allows you a whooping 100 million visits per month, even at the basic pack, ‘Blogger’ which begins at $24.99 ($12.49 for the first month). I know, its overpriced, and you can go with cheaper shared hosting plans, But you get 2 GB RAM and the user bandwidth which is shared with no other user. This hosting plan provides 30 GB main storage and additional 30GB storage for data backup and allows you to manage 5 WordPress installations with ManageWP.
The ‘Professional Plan’ costs you $74.99, which includes 60 GB storage for your data and backup each, 4GB RAM and allows 300 million visits per month. It also doubles the number of ManageWP manageable sites to 10.
The business level hosting plan costs around $120, and allows 600 million visits per month with 120 GB main storage and 120GB backup storage along with 20 websites under ManageWP.
The best and most expensive plan is advisable only if you plan on running a huge enterprise, due to its high cost and functionality. It costs $169.99 allowing an unlimited number of visitors with 240GB storage and 8 GB RAM. The best SiteLock Security Service (Enterprise edition) is included and allows you to manage 30 sites using ManageWP tool.

How To Install WordPress With Bluehost?

Once you’ve opted for Bluehost for hosting your WordPress site, the next step is installation which is pretty easy. Mostly, all the cPanels provided by different hosting companies include a tool named ‘Fantastico’ which include several content management systems in a ready to install state. Bluehost’s cPanel comes with a similar tool named MOJO Marketplace which allows ‘installation in one click’.
After choosing WordPress you just have to answer a couple of question about the installation directory and your e-mail address. Also, you have to setup the administrator account and general questions related to the website. You can change the settings by click ‘advanced settings before clicking the install button.


MOJO Marketplace is useful for WordPress themes and plug-ins, Infact they provide you an additional discount on some premium themes too. Of course you can go online and look for the best suited theme for WordPress being such a wide-spread web-application
Alternative method of installation include going the manual way, downloading WordPress files officially (WordPress.org) and uploading them on the server in the required directory and running the installation process which might require a little database experience.
If you face any problem regarding the installation process, asking the Bluehost’s support is an easy way out. Trained experts will help you install/manage your WordPress site the best way.

To conclude, I’ll just recommend choosing the Bluehost hosting if you plan on going for a WordPress optimized hosting. It may be a little expensive but the enhanced cPanel loaded with all the advanced tools specially built for WordPress and latest system architecture which provides the backend strength makes it worth it. Along with it, Bluehost’s tech-support team is a life saver if you cannot find a way out.