Answer for Shortcodes not working

Thats ok and thanks for the quick response. I found a work around.
I installed the “insert page” plugin by Paul Ryan.
Then I added this code to my template-home.php file in the place I wanted my new formatted content to be located.
if (is_home() || is_front_page()) {
echo do_shortcode(“[‘your page short code here’]”); // replace [‘your page short code here’] with your shortcode
Then I created a new page and entered my content using my installed shortcode plugins (because they work on the pages and posts)
Then I went to Posts > Add New. You’ll have a button for interring a shortcode from a page. Click the button, select the page you just created, go to Options and choose Content.
This will add the shortcode to your new post. No need to save the post just copy the code and paste it into the php code above on your template-home.php file. 
Thats it! Worked great! Now my client can go in and easily edit the content.