Answer for How do I change the title of ‘Portfolio’ and ‘Contact Me’ sections?

Hello, to change the header text, you can open the ‘template-portfolio.php’ file with the text editor such as Notepad ++. Then go to Line 41, change the code ‘<h2><?php _e( ‘Portfolio’, ‘ta-portfolio’ ); ?></h2>’ to ‘<h2><?php _e( ‘Games’, ‘ta-portfolio’ ); ?></h2>’. You can also change ‘Contact me’ on Line 186. To change the icon for the section, you need get the icon Unicode. For user icon, the Unicode is f007, you can get it from Then replace the code in the ‘style.css’ file. For example, if you want to change the portfolio icon to user icon for Portfolio section, you need to open the ‘style.css’ file, go to Line 472, replace the code f07c with f007.