Answer for How do I change the main Text colours?

Thank you so much for those changes!
And yes let me clarify 
#3, In the original demo:, under the Services section, it says “What We Do?” in white, followed by fill in text underneath in yellow, followed by a small horizontal white line, and underneath that line are the 3 circle images. My question is: is it possible to change that colour of the line from white to black, so that it becomes visible on my background?
#8, my mistake typo. Can I change the text colour from black to white #fff?
If possible, I have just a few more small requests I’ve just noticed:
(continuing the number system)
9. Is it possible to have the testimonial text in white instead of black, under the Clients section?
10. The Call to Action button, and the “More Posts” button I’ve set to have a white background when mouse is hovering over it. However when the background of the button goes white, the text does not change to black (it reminds white) making the text disappear when hovered over. Can the text colour of that be changed to black?
11. The social media icons in the About section are currently yellow. Can that be changed to blue? #2b95d0
12. Is it possible to have a small black boarder around each column bar in the Skills area in the About section?

Thanks again for all your help! Your services have been the best Ive experienced of any wordpress theme company.