Answer for How do I change the main Text colours?

Ah excellent! That method works much better. Thanks for your help – I’m quite new to this as you can tell.
So my updated list:
1. The header text in sections: Services, About, and Clients, h1, change from white #fff to black #181a1c.
2. The subtext /p in services section to be changed from white to #181a1c.
3. In the original services section, theres a thin horizontal white line underneath the title “What We Do?”. S
4. In the portfolio/project section, the selected Tag is green. Can that be changed to be filled with Black #181a1c when selected with white text?
5. In the portfolio/project section: the “realistic character” text, h3, change from yellow to blue #2b95d0. 
6. In the About section, the “About us” the background to be blue #2b95d0, leaving the text white as is. This is where the site says “Pavilion Leading The Way”.
7. Under Contact Us Section: can the background of the ”enter your email” box be changed from black to blue #2b95d0, with the text white, and the ‘subscribe’ text colour change to white too.
8. Text colour of the address in Contact us be changed from black to blue #2b95d0. 
Thank you for all your help!!