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Finally, the effect I mentioned to be added to the services section, can the same effect be done to the about section on each team member?
To give you more detail, this is the text I need to eventually add, and as you’ll see, there needs to be a space to put it: 
1. Title: Executive Producing 
Slug Line [The text already there]: Over 20 years experience in executive producing and producing.
Description [This is the new code section to open up to allow more text]: Marcus Gillezeau & Josh Pomeranz have over 20 years experience in producing and executive producing across a broad slate of projects including feature films, TV drama, blue-chip documentary and digital projects. Pavilion Entertainment works with producers, production companies and key creatives providing executive producing services.
2. Title: Packaging
Slug Line: We can allow your production exposure to Domestic Distribution and International Sales.
Description: If your project requires a producing partner, international partner, domestic or international finance, we can help by providing introductions and access to market place attachments. We can assist with negotiating agreements, contracting and securing tax incentives and rebates including the Australian Producers Offset and the Post and Digital, Visual Effects rebate.
3. Financing
Slug Line: We allow your film freedom to breathe financially so that you can focus on the product.
Description: Our aim is to enable producers and creatives to focus on the creative. We can assist with packaging your project including cash flow, investment, post production services, distribution and sales. 
About Section
1. Marcus Gillezeau
Slug Line: Marcus has worked as an Executive Producer and Producer, winning the industries’ most prestigious awards including the International Digital Emmy® Award and the Australia Academy of Cinema Television Arts Award.
Description [as you can see, more space is needed to fit all this text]: 
Marcus is best known for producing high profile projects for TV and film including “STORM SURFERS 3D” and “SCORCHED”. Specialising in all-media development, production and delivery across all platforms, Marcus has built a reputation for being at the forefront of innovative producing and distribution.
He has delivered prime time television to major networks including ABC, SBS, Nine Network, Discovery Channel and National Geographic and produced and executive produced more than 80 hours of film and television.
In 2010 and 2012 he was honored by Screen Producers Australia for Best New Media and Interactive Producer of the Year.
In 2013 he published his second book “Hands On – Tips and Experiences in All Media Producing”, a dissertation on his experiences producing multi-platform projects and case studies of some of the world’s best all media projects
2. Josh Pomeranz
Description: Josh Pomeranz is the Managing Director of Spectrum Films, one of Sydney’s Australia’s most respected post-facilities. Upon completing his Bachelor of Business in 1997, Josh teamed with his father, Spectrum Film’s Founder, Hans Pomeranz.
3. Adam Scott: 
Description: With over 28 years of global post production, film and broadcast experience, it is from this playground Adam draws industry credibility. Having worked for Park Road Post in New Zealand, Star TV Hong Kong, ESPN Star Sports Singapore, ABC Inc.