Answer for How do I change the main Text colours?

Hey Kevin,
All those changes are perfect, you are very good at what you do! I’m making this website for a friend of mine, and he has asked if its possible to add in code for an extra feature. 
What he asked was, under the services section there are the 3 circle images with text “Executive Producing”, “Packaging”, and “Financing”. If you click on one of those images, is it possible a dialogue box comes up where I can add a larger description? Similar to how the portfolio/project section works, for when you click on the image, it opens up within the same page to reveal more information.
The idea would be that someone could click on “Executive Producing” and more detailed information could be presented so they understand that more. Same with the Packaging and Financing section too. That would be great if that’s possible.
As this would require more code, I understand if more servicing fees are required. 
Thanks mate,