Answer for How do I change the main Text colours?

ah yes thanks!
For the CSS, I copied the style.css and pasted it in the custom CSS section via the Theme Panel. I had trouble trying to reupload it via FTP, which may have caused some confusion with the site…
If I give you the admin password, I would really appreciate if you could help fix any of these bugs!
Username: pavilion
Password: qyZ-2J8-Xeh-YFp
I have a list of items which I’m stuck on. I’m sure its a simple change of h1-h5 and all these things should be fixed.. but ill outline some of the issues I’m facing:
1. Under the services section, theres the subtext still in white and therefore unreadable since the background is what – if that can be changed to black #181a1c.
2. Under the portfolio section (or ‘projects’ as I’ve called it), There’s text still in yellow, if that can be changed to blue #2b95d0
3. Under the About section, there is yellow text/social media icons if that can be changed to blue #2b95d0
4. Under the About section, if the “About us” text box can have black text so it’s readable, with the background to be blue #2b95d0.
5. In the Clients section, there’s a lot of text that is white, and blended into the white background, if the text can be changed to black #181a1c
6. Also in the client section, where different brand logo’s go, it seems that theres only a white background and I cannot upload a parallax image like in the original… I’ve messed that up somehow! 
7. Contact Us section – white text again on white background if that can be changed to black #181a1c.
8. Contact us section – can the email box section be changed from black to blue #2b95d0, with white text “Enter your email”
Your time is very valuable, so if you have any spare time to change any of these items, I would be truly grateful. As for the other items, I can continue to try and work them out through answers via the forum.
Thank you again!