Top 10 Easy Digital Downloads Themes of 2017

When you are just starting out to create an online presence for your business, choosing the right website theme is a crucial step.Your website theme communicates your brand language and helps your potential customers in connecting with you.

Over the years, WordPress has come up with some brilliant website themes. Not only these themes are helping business owners create a sense of reliability, they are equally helping them in managing online business with ease.

With the introduction of Easy Digital Downloads, selling digital products with WordPress has become extraordinarily simple and natural. Its intuitive UI allows you to easily access your products, prices and much more.

In this article, you will find 10 Easy Digital Download Themes with incredible capabilities to grow your business.


1. Marketify

Marketify gives you a digital platform to upsurge your market and sell digital products. This handmade theme allows a fast and easy setup.

Marketify is also compatible with latest version of most popular EDD extensions that guarantee high performance with remarkable security settings. Selling photographs, videos and fonts was never so easy. Marketify can now be purchased for $69.

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2. Squarecode

Squarecode is a flexible WordPress theme with a very professional outlook. The latest version of Squarecode offers amazing layout features with better UI/UX design.

Ranked on the top when it comes to customization, this theme has unmatched detailed responsive qualities. Squarecode is the ultimate Easy Digital Download Theme to sell videos and digital art like fonts and icons. This WordPress theme can be bought at only $64.

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3. Stocky- A Stock Photography Marketplace Theme

Stocky allows you to built an online platform where anyone can upload photos and sell them. With this WordPress theme, you can build a fully functional ecommerce store with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

This theme is a full photography marketplace with a free Digital Downloads plugins. Socky is priced at $62 and helps you in creating a photographyparadise.

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4. Checkout

Another multi-vendor marketplace that is making the rounds for all good reasons is Checkout. This theme gives you can option to enable the commission extension (available in the Market Bundle) for every purchase made through your website.

If you are looking for a theme that gives a professional and elegant feel to your customers, Checkout is the optimum choice for you. By just paying $64 you can buy Checkout and transform your site into a complete digital store.

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5. Humbleshop

Humbleshop is an exclusive looking theme created for Easy Digital Downloads. With unlimited fonts by Google, the theme allows you to create a full blown marketplace for your business.

Apart from being amazingly attractive, Humbleshop has an advanced code structure and offers a responsive design to your website. Also, this is hands-down the easiest theme when it comes to set up. Humble is priced at just $45.

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6. Make Plus

Now create your own page templates with Make Plus. This theme offers the best customization option and comes with seamlessly integrated design to offer a powerful performance.

Style the blog and pages exactly how to want it because Make Plus gives you an option to explore and built a fully functional website. Though this website theme is on the expensive side, the functions are totally worth it.

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7. Austere

Austere template helps you to build a platform totally focused on products you want to sell. This theme offers ample white space that allows you to clearly list all the products.

The elegant typography and CTA buttons of the Austere template catch audience attention, uplifting the website selling standards. The WordPress collaboration with Easy Digital Downloads is the perfect unison of class with functionality. Buy Austere at $53 only.

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8. Trim

Choose the best for your business with the Trim template. Trim helps you in designing a beautiful dramatic website with the option to choose one out of three portfolios- masonry, fullscreen slider and stacked.

From customizing your business logo to ranking well over the Search Engines, this theme handles everything on your behalf. Trim is priced at $58 and is worth your every penny.

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9. Noise

If music is something that drives your business, Noise is the perfect WordPress theme for you. The theme fully supports EDD and allows audio downloads for the website.

Noise comes with an in-built audio player that can be placed anywhere using a simple custom widget. If you are unfamiliar with the setup for Noise, checkout the video tutorial to get started. You can purchase Noise for $80.

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10. Scorilo

Designed by UI/UX professional, Scorilo is last but definitely not the least WordPress theme with Easy Digital Downloads plugins. This theme is integrated with features that allow you to creatively sell and manage digital products.

Increase digital sales and boost your website revenue with this interesting and engaging WordPress theme priced at $49 only.

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Wrapping Up

The quality of your online store is completely dependent on the user experience it offers. This includes endless number of features such as multiple payment options and product details. to compliment easy and smooth website functioning.

EDD is becoming one of the popular solutions to sell and manage digital products online. And these 10 Easy Digital Download Themes are helping business owners in building websites that offer a power packed performance when it comes to sales and marketing.