Shortcodes not working

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517design asked 7 years ago

I’m using ta-platon (great theme!) I’ve downloaded some shortcode plug-ins (Column Shortcodes, Shortcodes Ultimate and TinyMCE Advanced) They show up in the bar with all the buttons in my Visual and Text editor when I create a page or blog in the regular section of wordpress. However they don’t show in the Ta-pluton section of my dashboard; Service Settings, About Us Settings, Portfolio Settings etc…. Actually the Shortcodes Ultimate button shows and enters the shortcode into my editor but the code does not work. All I get is the actual shortcode on my page. EXAMPLE.. I see this on my page [su_pullquote]My Quote[/su_pullquote] instead of the big quotation marks around the words My Qoute. I would really like the above shortcodes to work in my Ta-Pluton theme. OR…. If you have another shortcodes plugin that will work with the them. Any ideas would be great!
Thank you for your time. Greg