Portfolio Modals Not Displaying Properly After Update

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Ryan asked 2 years ago

I recently updated to the newest version of WordPress. I found a solution to every bug it caused with the TA Portfolio theme, except one. The portfolio modals/previews only flash (very) briefly when clicked on, before reverting back to the original page. I’ve tried deactivating plug-ins, reinstalling the theme, etc. to no avail. I cannot see anything in the code that needs to be edited either (although I admit I’m much better with HTML than PHP). My site is http://www.ryankoenig.com. 
PS you guys do awesome work!

3 Answers
Rohit Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello, please follow the image below to set up your Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin.

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Ryan answered 2 years ago

Kevin, thanks for the speedy reply! That resolves the modal issue fully! 
As a side note, the portfolio galleries no longer seem compatible with the Jetpack plugin. They were invisible (with just the navigation arrows appearing) until I deactivated Jetpack. I can’t think of why that would be, but I thought I would let you (and other users) know. Thanks again!

Rohit Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello, thanks for your report. Our demo site runs on the latest WordPress and Jetpack plugin, and portfolio gallery works well. Maybe there are conflicting settings for your plugins.