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erick asked 7 years ago

How to insert the Disqus in the Theme Ta DailyBlog?

7 Answers
Rohit Staff answered 7 years ago

Hello, you just need to install the Disqus plugin and active it. TA DailyBlog theme fully supports Disqus comments. We have installed it on the Demo site, please check. Thanks!

erick answered 7 years ago

Have a problem active Disqus in the widget “widget-post-tabs.php” #message comments hide

Rohit Staff answered 6 years ago

Would you please provide your URL or a screenshot? Thanks!

Rohit Staff answered 6 years ago

Please try to import comments from Disqus first.

erick answered 6 years ago

Thank You!!! Kevin, It´s allright!!!

Rohit Staff answered 6 years ago

You are welcome!