A single quote is transformed with backslash

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Marie-Christine asked 3 years ago

On several fields in the theme (slider description, service title,) the quote (oftent used in French Language are replaced by backslash
Exemple: jusqu’à  replaced by jusqu\’à

each time i save one element, another slash is coming.

At the end, my homepage becomes : jusqu\\\\\\\\\’à 

i can only put the html code for the quote to avoid it >jusqu'à

How to avoid this please ? each time i have to replace this in every field when used. Thanks.

2 Answers
Rohit Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello, I just used “jusqu’à” for test on the demo site and it works well. Would you please provide me the access to your WordPress dashboard (admin role) via Private Message? I’ll try to help.

Marie-Christine answered 3 years ago

Hello Kevin, i never created an account before on my wordpress platform ;-(  i need your email please. Can’t find it on the website. Thks