TA Music Theme Documentation


Thank you for choosing our free WordPress theme TA Music to update the look of your blog site. Congratulations, the hardest part is behind you. Now comes the easy stuff. Only a few simple steps and you’ll be on your way with your brand new look. First let us install and active the theme. We provide 3 methods to do that, choose the one most suitable to you.

  • Install Theme Using WordPress Dashboard (Recommend)
    1. Download the theme file “ta-music.zip” to your local machine.
    2. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes. Select Upload Theme. Upload the “ta-music.zip” file and install it.
    3. Active the theme.
  • Install Theme by Using cPanel
    1. Download the theme file “ta-music.zip” to your local machine.
    2. In cPanel File Manager, navigate to your themes folder. If your WordPress is installed in the document root folder of your web server you would navigate to “public_html/wp-content/themes” and if you have WordPress installed in a sub-folder called wordpress, you would navigate to “public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes”.
    3. Once you’ve navigated to the themes folder in cPanel File Manager, click on Upload file(s) and upload the “ta-music.zip” file you saved.
    4. Once the theme file is uploaded, click on the name of that file in cPanel, then in the panel to the right, click on “Extract File Contents”, and that .zip file will be uncompressed.
    5. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes. Active the theme just uploaded.
  • Install Theme Manually Using FTP
    1. Download the theme file “ta-music.zip” and extract the files it contains.
    2. Using an FTP client to access your host web server. Upload the theme directory “ta-music” to the “wp-content/themes” directory on your host server.
    3. Once the theme directory is uploaded. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes. Active the theme just uploaded.

Front Page & Posts Page Settings

To get the home page with the layout like the theme demo, you will need to setup the “Front Page” and “Posts Page”.

WordPress Reading Settings

  • Set Front Page
    1. Go to: Pages → Add New.
    2. Add a page title (ex. ‘FrontPage’)
    3. Go to: Page Attributes → Template just below the publish module to select the FrontPage template.
    4. Publish the page.
    5. Next, go to: Settings → Reading → Front Page Displays and select the Static Page > Front Page as your newly created FrontPage (instead of the recent posts setting).
    6. Save changes.
    7. WordPress Page Attributes

  • Set Posts Page
  • Create a new page using the Blog template and set it as the “Posts Page”.

Navigation Menus

TA Music theme supports WordPress Custom Menus feature, you can create and arrange a group of navigation links for your visitors to find the important parts of your site faster.

WordPress Custom Menus

  • Primary Menu
  • Here you can define a menu to this location. Before you can assign a menu, you first need to create a menu via the Appearances → Menus system. Once your menu has been created, you will have the option to select it from the Primary Menu dropdown field in the customizer. The primary menu is display in the primary header area, to the right of your logo.

Theme Panel

The TA Music theme comes with an advanced Theme Options powered by ReduxFramework. It comes with a great variety of options that you can use to tweak your site’s behavior easily, without needing to write a single line of code. You can customize any part of your site quickly and easily.

TA Music Theme Panel

  • General Settings
  • Here you can upload site logo and favicon, and choose your favourite color scheme.

  • Top Bar
  • Here you can enable/disable various modules of site header, such as Login & Register Module, Social Module, Search Module and so on.

  • Homepage
  • Here you can set Header Slider and Features sections. Upload your background image for Header Slider module. Select to enable/disable display Features module. Set Header Slider and Features Box with drag and drop sortings.

  • Events Settings
  • Here you can set layouts for .

  • Albums Settings
  • Here you can set layouts for Albums Listing Page.

  • Videos Settings
  • Here you can set layouts for Videos Listing Page.

  • Galleries Settings
  • Here you can set layouts for Galleries Listing Page.

  • Artists Settings
  • Here you can set layouts for Artists Listing Page.

  • Blog Settings
  • Here you can set layouts for Blog Listing Page.

    Here you can set site copyright information.

    • Google Map Settings
    • How to Embed a Google Map with iFrame.

      1. Enter your address in the search box at Google Maps.
      2. Click the setting icon in the bottom right corner and select share or embed map.
      3. TA Magazine Embed Map

      4. Select embed map option and copy the iFrame code.
      5. TA Magazine Google Maps

  • 404 Page
  • Here you can set information for 404 page.

  • Social Profiles
  • Here you can arrange your social icons and add URLs to your social profiles. The social icons will be displayed on your footer.

  • Twitter API
  • In order to use the Twitter API Key to pull tweets from your Twitter in the theme, you’ll need to create a Twitter Application through your account. It may seem super-technical, but it’s actually very simple to do.

    1. The first thing you need to do to get your Twitter API key is to create a Twitter Application. Visit apps.twitter.com and login to your Twitter account. Then just fill out the basic information for the application and it’s ready to be published.
    2. Create Twitter Application

    3. Now that you’ve created your application, Twitter has assigned you a few data points to work with.
    4. Twitter oAuth Settings

      You must create a personal Access Token and Secret key to allow you to unlock personal account functions with your application – just click “Create Access Token” and Twitter will add these data points as well.

    Here you can arrange your social icons and add URLs to your social profiles. The social icons will be displayed on your footer.

  • Custom CSS
  • Here you can insert any custom CSS to the theme using the ACE Editor, which offers the ability to edit back-end code in an easy to use and easy to read embedded interface. Also ACE Editor offers real-time checking for code accuracy.

  • Import / Export Options
  • Here you can back up and restore your options data in one of three ways: raw data, file and URL.

Events Manager

No need for third party event plugins, TA Music has everything covered thanks to the included Events post type. Create your events intuitively, configure dates, time, location, map ticket supply.

  • Add A Event Post
  • The event section uses a custom post type called Event. This is how you add a new event post:

    1. Go to: Events → Add New.
    2. Add a title.
    3. Add text in the content area to describe your event.
    4. Add some tags in the Event Tags area.
    5. Add some additional information in the Event Metabox area. Configure dates, time, location, map ticket supply.
    6. Click Set Featured Image and upload your image(s) and set one as the featured image.
    7. Click Publish.

Add Event Post

Albums Manager

Still no need for third party album plugins, TA Music has everything covered thanks to the included Audio post type. You can easily create an album post with complete audio and track listing management support.

  • Add An Album Post
  • The album post uses a custom post type called Audio. This is how you add a new album post:

    1. Go to: Posts → Add New.
    2. Select “Audio” on the right Format area.
    3. Add a title.
    4. Add text in the content area to describe the album.
    5. Add some tags in the Tags area.
    6. Add some additional information in the Album Post Metabox area. You can add Release Date, buy links and upload tracks. If you want to embedded playlist from other music sites such as SoundCloud, just copy the code and paste it.
    7. Click Set Featured Image and upload your image(s) and set one as the featured image.
    8. Click Publish.

Add Album Posts

Artists Manager

TA Music theme uses a special page to list all artists. To get the Artists Listing Page, you will need to create a page using Artists Page Template. Note: Only users whose role is author will be listed on Artists Page.

  • Add Artist Page
    1. Go to: Pages → Add New.
    2. Add a page title (ex. ‘Artists’)
    3. Go to: Page Attributes → Template just below the publish module to select the Artists Page template.
    4. Publish the page.
    After you created the page, you need to set it as Artists page via Theme Panel → Artists Settings.

    Set Artists Page

  • Edit Artist Information
  • TA Music provides various options for artist information. This is how to edit artist biography:

    1. Go to: Users → Select user to edit.
    2. Add a brief description in Biographical Info area.
    3. Upload your Avatar if you don’t want to use Gravatar.
    4. Add some social links and skills.
    5. Add the full biography for the artist.

Edit Artist

Blog Posts

TA Music theme makes use of some WordPress’ post formats to give you plenty of ways to show content in the top section of your articles. You choose type by selecting format in the “Format” box on the right side when you edit or add a new post.

TA Music Post Formats

  • Standard Post
  • This is the default option. It will automatically include a featured image at the top of the post. It’s simply a standard post that shows article text.

  • Video Post
  • All you need to do is to select video format, and paste the embed code in one of the two fields below the large text box.

    Video Post

  • Gallery Post
  • Shows all images attached to the post as a slider at the top of the article. Simply upload images to a specific post in WordPress, and select the “Gallery” post format, and it will automatically turn into a nice slider. It also smoothly resizes the slider height depending on each image’s size. Images will only show up if attached to the post.

Page Templates

To add a page template to your page:

  1. Go to Pages → Add New.
  2. Go to Page Attributes panel in the right sidebar.
  3. Select a Template.

TA Music Page Template

  • Full Width Page Template
  • A full width page template without the sidebar, you can view the demo page here.

Custom Widgets

To add widgets in the Sidebar of this theme, you’d need to access Appearance → Widgets menu, and drag widgets to your Sidebar to activate them.

TA Music Custom Widgets

The TA Music theme includes various Custom Widgets which are ready to use:

  • Post Tabs Widget
  • This widget displays popular posts, recent posts and comments in tabbed format.

    TA Music Post Tabs Widget

  • Tweets Widget
  • Add a widget to your sidebar to show your latest tweet(s) with style. Retweet, Favorite and Reply links are available.

    TA Music Tweets Widget

  • MailChimp Newsletter Widget
  • Adds a WordPress widget that allows your users to sign up for your MailChimp mailing list. Please visit MailChimp Knowledge Base to get your Signup Form URL, User ID and List ID.

    TA Music MailChimp Widget

    Add one of your custom menu as a link list widget.

    TA Music Quick Links Widget

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack adds powerful features previously only available to WordPress.com users including customization, traffic, mobile, content, and performance tools. We highly recommend it for TA Music and our other themes. You can download it from WordPress plugin repository.

    The Related Posts feature pulls relevant content from your blog to display at the bottom of your posts. To start using Related Posts, head to the Jetpack page in your dashboard and click the Activate button for Related Posts.

  • Sharing
  • Sharing adds buttons to your posts that your readers can use to share your content on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more!

  • We are gonna be using the awesome theme for our new music website. You did a very great job donating this for free…it’s really awesome guys.

    • Thanks for your support!

      • kravitz

        Hi guys i wonder if we can list events order by date ( _cmb_event_date) ?

  • IB

    hey guys, great theme. But when I try to install in on my wp site I get an Internal Server Error. I haven’t modded anything. Help please!

    • Hello, you site URL please. Thanks!

      • IB

        montepittman.com but I have a coming soon page because I made a clear re-install of wordpress

        I get the same error with the live preview as well 🙁

        • Hello, please upgrade your PHP to version 5.5. Thanks!

          • IB

            thank you for the instant support. However from what I see my host (ipage) has only version 5.3 available 🙁 I’ll email them and see what they can do..

          • Hello, if you need the theme version which works on PHP 5.3, please submit your requirement here. Thanks!

          • IB

            apparently iPage is working on a 5.5 release. is there any other way to have this theme on my site? so bummed 🙁 thanks

  • Sana Ali

    how to add flexslider to a post? like in demo ?

  • Irene Papas

    Header Slider Box text for button not showing up ? what to do ?

  • Irene Papas

    by the way great theme i love it

  • Seim Sholis GC

    Hago lo que dice para editar artistas paso a paso y nada, que lastima _v

  • kravitz

    Hi guys i wonder if we can list events order by date ( ‘_cmb_event_date’) ?

    • Hello, please go to support page for help. Thanks!

    • Hello, please go to support page for help. Thanks!

    • Gerald Bullard Jr

      // reset query to list ASC by event date
      $wp_query = new WP_Query(
      ‘post_type’ => ‘event’,
      ‘posts_per_page’ => 999,
      ‘meta_key’ => ‘_cmb_event_date’,
      ‘orderby’ => ‘meta_value’,
      ‘order’ => ASC

      Also hide past events:

      while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();
      date_default_timezone_set(‘America/New_York’); // EST
      if (strtotime($post->_cmb_event_date) > strtotime(date(‘m/d/Y’))) {

      Don’t forget the “}” before the endwhile;

      • narc

        Where do I put this code? Thanks in advance.

  • Why my page Albums, the Title is “SON | FORMAT | Website” instead of “AUDIO | FORMAT | Website” ?

  • Rita Menezes

    I need a lot of help, please. I can’t see the artists single pages, even if I set each one as a author. I can’t organize the galleries, albums and videos, either…

  • Pan Tau

    After install I got this – Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in (…)/wp-content/themes/ta-music/inc/breadcrumb.php on line 145

    • Ruud Haan

      I had the same problem. PhP needs to be version 5.5 (or higher). Your hosting provider can probably take care of that.

  • Victoire Bch

    Hello, I’d like to include a mosaic to my homepage, just behind the top bar. I’d like all the photos of the mosaic to be linked to a different page. Would that be possible with your theme ?

    • Hello, please submit your requires here. Thanks!

      • Victoire Bch

        I’ve tried to but the message cannot be sent. Thanks

        • Thanks for your report. We’ve fixed the issue for Contact Form, please try again.

  • Hello.
    I just wanna set site with the LATEST VIDEOS ( http://gigvideos.pl/type/video/ ) as a front site. I search some information about that but no effect. Somebody help me how can I do this?

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    What is the right size to background image?

  • Mohamad Ali

    error frontpage, http error 500. please sollution…www.kandelaentertainment.com

    • Hey,
      Please send the error details to hi@themeart.co

      • Mohamad Ali

        when I replace the static page : front page . http 500 error….

  • Vince Krochak

    Hi there! Love this theme! Curious as to how I can add the audio links in Albums like on the demo instead of it being on a blog page? Also, is there a way to remove the upcomin events/ latest videos/latest galleries etc from the Front page?

  • Toti Schmeisser

    Hi, is there a changelog available for the different versions? Thanks

    • Sorry, I am afraid we have not done that.

  • Fair

    Hi, the TA Music looks good! I wonder if I want to add another (unlisted by TA Music) social network icon to the top bar and social profiles, how do I do that? Do I have to modify the PHP files directly? Thanks!

    • Rohit Singhal

      No, you can do it via customiser.

      • Bob H

        Are you sure we can add new social network icons to the TOP BAR through customizer? If so, can you be more specific? It’s obvious how this is done for the FOOTER, not so much for the top bar…

        • Rohit Singhal

          Goto Customiser. There you will get ‘Top Bar’. Clicking on it will give you option to enter facebook, twitter, google plus and youtube link.

          • Bob H

            Right, I have a handle on that, but was hoping to add Instagram there. I think the original question is about adding one other than FB, Twitter, YT, G+. No worries if it can’t be easily done!

          • Rohit Singhal

            Totally my fault. Sorry, no option for instagram. Might need to modify code for that.

  • Bob H

    What is the main font is for TA Music? Thanks!

    • Rohit Singhal

      We have used Google Font named Dosis.

      • Bob H


  • Fair

    Is there any way to remove the Upcoming Events/Latest Galleries etc. sections from the frontpage, when there’s no content? Thanks!

  • anank satria

    I already create a user who will be the artist’s artist page on the website of me, but there is no biographical information and social media, but I have already filled all the columns of information in user edit menu,
    I use PHP 5.5, where my mistake?

    • Rohit Singhal

      Hey Anank,
      Sorry for delayed reply. Are you still facing this issue?

      • anank satria

        no, I’ve discovered my error, in which to display the artist’s biography page of the artist must be written by each author, thank you very much TA Music,
        Now there is no longer a problem for me in this build.

        • Rohit Singhal


          • Nana Andrew

            please im face same problem artiste profile biography not showing

        • Nana Andrew

          please how did you solved that problem

        • Adriano Frongillo

          How did you solved it i cannot see any biography

  • Alice Palma

    How can I set the date format…in the event preview the date shown is incorrect, it shows the month instead of the day and viceversa.It should be the 10th of september..Anyone?



    I don’t know why the individual artist page appears empty, it is not loading the information I wrote in the author profiles (see http://born2rulent.com/author/dj-pymix/). I downloaded the template several times and reinstalled it, but I can’t find the problem. Thanks

  • INFIN8 Music

    i am building my new site thru your theme TA Music. I was adding artists on the website by creating authors, i have put in all the information. tried it from my Admin account and from my artist account. but no information is showing up! just a blank page.. How can i fix this so there will be artist info?

  • Omar

    1) I cant get the videos page to display all the videos. Only the homepage feed shows some.

    The documentation does not cover, in detail, how to get the video page to work. It only explains, briefly, how to place them in the homepage feed. It also laca how to das tags to the vídeos.

    2) When I try to use the menu to customize the them, Menu-> Appearance-> Customize, I get the error message “Setting does not exist or is unrecognized.”

  • Padam Raj Joshi

    hello how can i set same thumbanies on the home page

  • Van Guzman

    I have two main problems:
    1. When i wanna see details of each artists, it appears nothing and in the breadcrumb field, it seems like the words “home” (in my case “Inicio”) and “artist” are too close without the symbols that separes in other pages.
    2. The blog page (in my case “articulos”), instead of listing the posts, it list the “blog” page itself.