10 Bootstrap Admin Templates 2017

Bootstrap, if you’ve been listening the word “responsive” quite often nowadays, here’s the reason. A CSS framework built is being used everywhere on the internet for its robust design and ease of use. We all are aware of the front-end use of Bootstrap, but it is convenient to use such a back-end which is responsive to manage your website/data on the go, comfortably. Here are the admin panel templates based on Bootstrap I’d recommend for you to use for a better experience.

Top 9 AngularJS Admin Templates & Themes 2017

JavaScript and its frameworks has been a strong scripting language in providing a better User Interface to any website. AngularJS, another such framework, which is not too old but has been able to get enough fame to be sensation and important development tool for designers and developers. Templates based on AngularJS has also been quite common and here I’m presenting recommended administrator panel templates for the back-end of your website based on AngularJS.

Creative WordPress Themes 2017

WordPress, the web application which has supplanted every other content management system and not only blogging softwares. 75 million websites on the internet depend on WordPress and majority of sites use WordPress among any other CMS. With limitless customizations and a growing community of developers attached to the software, its possible to create a WordPress site based on anything, from a news site to a portfolio website. Its amazing how a simple application can adjust itself anywhere and to mention a fact, WordPress officially has less than 300 developers hired.